Top 5 best websites to learn how to play Piano Online

For some reason, when we look for something free on the internet, we deluge us sites created only to collect email addresses or to sell products. This is especially true when we go to Web sites that offer free piano lessons. Unfortunately, about 90% of sites with “free piano lessons” in the title only provide one or two fundamental experiences.

Ultimately, you are looking for that one register to pay for full classes. Happily, there are websites that offer learn to play free piano legitimately for the best online piano lessons. Via MakeUseOf, we find Top Websites for learning to play piano free, that are worth checking…

Top 5 websites to learn how to play Piano Online
The criteria for classifying the sites that offer free piano lessons has been its utility, and the “top ranking” was based on:

The quality of the website and the level and experience of the author of the site
The “intention” of the website. That it is not only a site to sell something or want to teach to play the piano.
The technology. If you have flash or java applications that allow you to play music, by lessons still by hand.
Using these criteria, we will publish these five useful sites and offer high-quality lessons that anyone can use to learn and teach to play the piano.

Zebra Keys: Everything you need in a website
Zebra Keys (Zebra keys) is probably one of the best sites offering free piano lessons. Each of its classes is written by professionals and are made so that they are very easy to follow. Best of all is that it has an interactive besides articles piano keyboard, so we can practice what we are learning in this lesson.

Each key is established, and the letter of each note appears directly below the core, making it much easier to learn which record corresponds to each piano key. Once we have advanced by a few lessons and want to try hand touching a Zebra Keys song offers Z-Board V1.0, a virtual keyboard with all the notes and chords that appear in it.

Zebra Keys 2

This makes it easier that we can play music from the beginning because one is not struggling to remember where are the correct notes. While this tool is fun to use, the more useful and effective site-wide Zebra Keys is probably the list of “trainer,” a tool that allows students of the piano to understand certain aspects of the music.

Zebra Keys 3

The previous example is the interactive “note trainer,” but other web applications available include keyboard instructor and instructor of the ear with intervals, instructor of the ear to scale, chord ear trainer.

PianoNanny: Better than the real one
One of the best places to learn piano online is PianoNanny. This is one of the few places that offers the complete keyboard by experts lessons free. Just reading his classes, one has the feeling that this sitting opposite a real piano teacher. Each session includes text, images of the keyboard to help us visualize what the Professor is talking about, and even power, as a “student book” note-taking.

Another great mini-application we will find among the lessons is a “companion of 12 notes”, where you can practice the experience that we learn.

best online piano lessons
best online piano lessons

PianoNanny 2

Pressing a piano key, the note will be displayed automatically. This approach forces us to try to remember that note is each; of course, this incites better memorization and learning faster than the one used by Zebra Keys. With 13 lessons from home, 11 Middle and ten advanced, PianoNanny is the site with lessons more exhaustive of all that they see listed in this article.

Plern Piano, pianist, and composer
Plern Piano is one of the most simple and addictive, and, believe it or not, has fun online tools that we can use to learn how to play the piano. Tool Plern Piano has a double use, composers can create songs from scratch, or piano students can import their one MIDI songs to learn to play this song. Plern Piano is playing the song and performed a graphical representation of the keys that we need to press to play a note of the song. Think of a musical Tetris.

Berkley shares, free lessons of piano from the Berklee College of music
From 2003, The Berklee College of music began offering free online music lessons. The experiences include guitar, bass, DJ and of course Piano. When you click on the section “Keyboards,” we can find a list of 12 lessons in the video (Youtube) or PDF. The videos are of one or two minutes, and PDF documents are on average of 2 pages, and incorporate music clips.

Mostly, these lessons are very brief and show a lot of publicity for Berklee online certification programs. However, useful tips and excellent content are offered. This website is an excellent addition, but it does not have the material that allows us to learn to play the piano.

Ricci Adams’ MusicTheory teaches you the theory of music
MusicTheory is another website handy (and free) that shows you to play the piano. This website features 37 lessons, ten training applications, and three music utilities. Training applications on this site are identical to the of the website of Zebra Keys, but there is much more that is offered here. Best of all is that its lessons are complete and provides a small application of keyboard that allows us to test the techniques you learn in each lesson.

The lessons are reminiscent of a Powerpoint presentation, in which we go sailing by pressing an arrow on the screen. 37 classes are written by an expert, and after studying them, we have an in-depth knowledge of music theory.

Have you ever found or used legitimate and useful websites for learning to play piano online? Share your Favourites in the comments.