The best internet sites for studying piano «music theory»

Learn to play the piano implies learning other issues, like the music, which represents a key role in his theory.

The piano you can play without knowing music theory?

It is possible to play some notes, playing some melodies on the classical piano or synthesizer, improvise some fragments, etc., without much idea of the language of the theory. However, if you are looking for is to move to a higher level, i.e., learn genuinely to play the piano and have a more professional approach to become a pianist, you need to get started in learning of the solfeggio.

The study of the solfeggio, which occupies most of the time courses of the conservatories, has a nasty reputation. Many consider it a too academic subject, that tends to discourage students. However, it is a test that is required to be able to progress in the learning of music.

Therefore, if you are looking for is to improve when it comes to playing the piano, you will earn long if you’re able to decipher a score quickly or if you understand the keys to «Sun» or «Fa».

Convinced? Let’s take a look at what the Web offers regarding online piano courses to learn music theory.


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Solfeggio, piano and music theory

If you learn to play the piano on your own, you can work some styles that your teachers you don’t teach, like jazz or blues

What is the theory of online piano lessons in 2020?

The theory of Western tradition consists of musical language. His Studio enables all aspiring musicians to read and write a musical score and interpret it with the voice or instruments such as the piano.

This music theory focuses on the notation and can be tedious and boring, but teachers strive to make learning fun and interactive, without losing sight of the music.

The music theory: a recommended music theory

The music theory is not mandatory but highly recommended. This music theory allows to encode and write concisely, with details, the notes of music on a paper backing, making it an indispensable tool.

Although you can learn music without resorting to the solfeggio, all it will remain being oral, which will complicate the task when recording sessions in studios, play in concerts or when it is part of a music group.

Sol-FA: universal and indispensable for the pianist tool

Self-assessment is required to make progress in learning the piano

The solfeggio is essential in pop music, the Spanish variety, rap or other styles, to be able to read, write and play a score of classical music, jazz or soul.

It is impossible to try to reproduce a Symphony of Mozart, Beethoven or Chopin with Orchestra without a score in hand.

It is a universal tool because it allows connecting to musicians from all over the world so that they can communicate with each other to create new tunes, playing different instruments together or singing.

As with the learning of foreign languages such as Chinese, Sol-FA helps the development of visual memory, due to its written form associated with an instrument. When we learn to read music, we put ourselves to the test with a score that you cannot separate the sound and what we see.

The music theory learn at any age?

Whether it’s at the Conservatory, in a school of music or through private lessons with a teacher of music, it is possible to learn music theory at any age.

There is a proper music theory for children or adults. Youngsters, when they combine school and study of music theory, may have less desire to learn it, but does not present significant difficulties. Adults, meanwhile, helped by their years of experience, will be more motivated and faster understand the types of music theory, its codification, and its notation.

For the more ambitious, it is possible to learn music theory in a self-taught way through a course of music on the internet.

Solfeggio and piano: learn online with paysites

The keyboard is an instrument that requires hard work and time to master

We have a custom look for free courses on the internet, but, sometimes, it is necessary to resort to the portfolio to find a more qualified, full content suitable, according to each case.

Here is a description of some recommended places to learn music theory.


This website describes itself as “the school of music online music a distance education pioneer” and aims to encourage students to (re) discover the pleasure of music. The courses are aimed at beginners, intermediate and advanced, wishing to progress, perfecting and mastering music.

The course is done through a virtual campus, where you can view the contents of the classes, download files needed for exercises, send exercises, contact with teachers and students, participate in forums and all the necessary tasks for the development of course, etc.

Thanks to this site you can enter the world of music and familiarize yourself with the music theory through an excellent interactive method.

It has a wide range of courses, but in the case of online music theory course, is divided into six levels, valued at about £75 each, in which the concentration of initiation is offered free of charge.


It’s a “reference application for musicians of all levels,” Earmaster is born with the aim of encouraging students of the Conservatoire and beginners and music professionals to learn music theory, work the ear and study pace.

It’s a computer program that has used hundreds of schools of music, like the famous Berklee College of Music in Boston, and offers a simple and effective method for all levels.

What does it contain?

General courses are dealing with styles like jazz, designed for teachers of Conservatory.
More than 2,000 solfeggio exercises to work the ear (ear training in English).
Custom exercises to deepen in intervals, chords, cadences, scales, rhythmic music and singing at sight.
There are various products available from £30.00. It also offers a version of the test on the website.

Solfeggio and piano: learn online for free

Phonascus is an entirely free program to study music theory, practicing solfeggio and improve your musical hearing. This software will allow you to perform various exercises, both method and education of the ear, with the degree of difficulty you want. Different tasks can be customized to suit your needs. You can study at your own pace, receiving immediate program responses, until you get master’s degree you want.

Aprende piano poco a poco
Learn several fragments will not help you advance faster

Everyone Piano

This program will convert your keyboard into a virtual piano. Also, it will provide you with the basics to be able to read a score and run it on the piano.

What special features do you have?

With this simulation software, each key on the keyboard will have assigned a note concrete, including the footrest of the piano.
It allows recording any parts which you improvise or interpreters so that you can listen to them later and detect your failures.
It has a music library with Demo songs.
The keyboard can fully customize and set half-tones and the key in which you want to play. school

This website is aimed at beginners in the world of music. It offers a free, educational and personalized method.

Music theory course will allow you to progress at your own pace, without losing sight of the pleasure of enjoying the music.

With a utterly innovative pedagogy, it offers lessons through short videos that granted an aspect more entertaining, interactive and fun than the traditional learning of music for piano.

This method is characterized by:

Lessons or tutorials of music theory that multiple themes and concepts.
Practical and real music exercises to assess the knowledge acquired.
The objective is based on facilitating the learning of a musical instrument and sing.

This site offers other free courses related to music and with other instruments:

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There are other free online courses that can help you in your learning of music:

Sun key
Musical instruments
Musical dictionaries
If your problem is that you don’t have time to learn music theory, see long does it take to learn this discipline?